Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Pro-Life" Republican Says My Tax Dollars Should Pay People to Self-Mutilate

Rep. John LaBruzzo, who represents the lovely district in Metairie that gave us David Duke and national embarrassment, wants the government to pay people to sterilize themselves.

Gee, I wonder if Archbishop Hughes and the "good" Christians of Rep. LaBruzzo's district will show the same kind of outrage they do when Democrats and other Republicans say the government should leave people alone over the issue of abortion?

Okay, look: Dr. Mrs. Clio and I have four kids, so you can insert any kind of joke here that you want, and I would deserve it and laugh. 

And I'm not going to wag my finger at somebody for getting tubes tied or whatever it is that people do.

However, for me, that decision just seems so permanent.

Also, I work very hard to keep sharp objects AWAY from that part of my body.

In the end, I really don't think sterilization is a good idea for anybody.

Perhaps a thought experiment is in order.  What if nuclear armageddon comes, and the only two people left are you and [fill in the blank: Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, Gina Gershon, Matt Damon, et al], and it's your job to repopulate the planet?  You don't want to have to tell those people that you can't help them out, do you?

Okay, I'm just drifting now.  To sum up: I don't think it's a good idea for people to cut up their genital areas, and I certainly don't want to be forced to help them pay for it.  THANKS METAIRIE!


Craig said...

I think there's something political going on here. Planned Parenthood just came out in support of your position. Mickelberry said. "Information is power, and the decision is really up to the individual."

Which leads to an interesting contrast: In this case non-Conservatives say that information/education is the way to go, not some physical/medial way (sterilization ) to avoid pregnancy.

However, in a slightly different context, Conservatives say that (abstinence) education is the way to go, not some physical/medial way (contraception) to avoid pregnancy. I believe that this is what's called a "dichotomy".

Craig said...

I should get down in writing that I agree it's a scary, wrong, eugenic, unChristian idea.

But I pretty sure a lot of the troops rallying against it are knee-jerking, "hey it's a Metarie Republican - we HAVE to be against it."

Which brings up another point: I was worried that the whole Metry/New Orleans hatred had faded after Katrina. It's nice to know that some things don't change....

Mr. Clio said...

In this context, when I type "THANKS METAIRIE," I intend no malice toward Metairie as a whole; a little saracasm is not the same as hate. I lived in Metairie. I like Metairie (though I don't like driving a car to and in Metairie).

It is legitimate for me to highlight a district in Metairie that consistently sends representative to Baton Rouge who espouse views that are inhumane.

The district includes neighborhoods populated by some who want to lecture me about Christianity and the problems of Orleans Parish--I know, because I encounter them in my daily professional life, and I listen to WWL Radio sometimes and hear them on a daily basis.

Those people want to lecture me about Ray Nagin--who would would have lost without the endorsement of Rob Couhig, their preferred candidate for mayor of NOLA--and yet elect candidates whose approach to politics is based on fear and loathing.

Pointing out the loathers does not make me a loather.

Howie Luvzus said...

I don't mind saying it...I've been "fixed." However, I'd have to lie to Halle or Gina and say we're just going to have to work harder to get this place repopulated.