Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is OUR House

 New Orleans Saints 24, Bucs 20.  What else can I say?


GW said...

Is that a jet pack? Are you hovering???

Holy crap.

When I saw Paul McCartney hover in a jet pack in the Dome, I said to myself "Well, I'll never see that again."

Just goes to show...

PLEASE tell me that at the very moment this pic was taken, you were lip syncing "Silly Love Songs"

Chef Who Dat said...

Not exactly lip syncing, Wang, but sure as hell riding a wave of emotion. My boy was hovering over the Upper Terrace like a Roger Goodell storm-trooper, chewing the fat off that turkey leg for no fewer than two quarters. What's that, Dilly? The ladies did the shorties? Well what do you expect with legs like that. Geezum peter and paul. Ladies in the cafe were asking the chef if you were the new eye candy bartender until I reminded them that our bartender is the trademarked, registered, copywritten Cocktail Chef. Say, there, floaty, golden-jump-suited man, can you tell me who talks of defeating those Saints?

saintseester said...

Yep - the ladies dig the shorties.

Thanks for sharing your house with us!

Latinteacher said...

"If guns kill people then pencils mispel words, cars cause drunk driving accidents, and spoons make Rosie O'Donnel fat."

............and Jason David makes big plays