Monday, September 01, 2008

What I've Learned Today from "Trusted" "News" "Sources" That Want ME to Decide

1. Fox News reported their Gustav coverage from their "EXTREME Weather Center." Huh? What is this? World Wrestling Federation? NASCAR?

2. CNN told Dr. Mrs. Clio that a levee had "breached." Oyster heard the same thing. Huh?

3. CNN made it clear that Shell Beach is part of New Orleans.

4. General Honore corrected the CNN weather idiot when the latter talked about "creeks and streams" filling up with storm surge. The General noted that in fact they are bayous and rivers.

5. Wolf Blitzer told me that Lafayette is 70 miles from New Orleans. That's more than 50 percent off.

6. At approximately 3:10 p.m. CST on September 1, 2008, some idiot on CNN with a cool Google map toy actually said that with Katrina, the big concern for Baton Rouge was "storm surge coming from the north along the Mississippi River." This time, however, the concern would be storm surge from Gustav coming UP the river from the south. Please read those last two sentences again. I won't even address the first sentence, such is its idiocy. The second sentence reveals total ignorance: if storm surge from Katrina up the river didn't affect New Orleans, Laplace, and all the river towns, why would it be an issue for Baton Rouge?

7. Dr. Mrs. Clio has been amused by many references to "East Jefferson County" emergency officials.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my first post-Gustav laugh, Mr. Clio. And once we find out who moored those loose Navy boats in the Industrial Canal this a.m., let's have a metro-wide holiday in their name.

Speaking of Honore, an evacuee interviewed on the Meridian, MS news today was wearing a shirt that read "YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID"

CNN Reporter in HARAHAN said...

I am on the Westbank and we're seeing all sorts of bedlam.

Paper flying all around, unsharpened pencils, un combed hair.

This is newsworthy stuff.

CNN reporter in Alaska said...

I want to be on the news, too.

Hey, kid, are you famous and pregnant?

berto said...

Saintsgab hurt.



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