Sunday, October 26, 2008

OUCH: Some Setbacks in World Class New Orleans

In the past seven days:

The Saints, LSU, and Tulane all lost, giving up a total of 124 points in three losses. Apparently, the Army Corps of Engineers has been giving lessons about defense to the three defensive coordinators.

Deuce got busted for taking peepee medication. (Will Smith and Charles Grant did too, but those guys aren't the icon that Deuce is.)

Chris Rose got arrested for a dustup with a former girlfriend.

As New Orleans does, we will bounce back from these downers.

On the bright side, I "chaperoned" (loosely speaking) Clio II yesterday at Voodoo. In the process, on my own, I went to see the New Orleans Bingo Show. It changed my life. I also really loved Bingo's special guest Vermillion Lies.

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