Saturday, October 04, 2008


Because I am a registered member of the Green Party, I was not permitted to vote against William Jefferson today.

I was going to vote for James Carter.

I did not realize that this was a Democratic primary for the Congressional seat.

I thought it was a good old-fashioned Louisiana open primary, which I strongly prefer.

Dang it.

Meanwhile, I am not aware if my inept party is even running someone for the seat.

The Greens piss me off.  They have so many things right, but the Green Party is just pathetic and inneffectual.

Um, maybe that's why I'm in it.  I'm part of the problem.


alli said...

Don't worry. Malik Rahim's running.

Too bad he's totally nuts.

Clay said...

Independents can vote in Democratic elections. Independents can't vote in Republican primaries, though.

Also, did Helena Moreno make it to the runoff or did Cedric Richmond? Check the latest results with the Secretary of State.

Craig said...

Yes, really annoying.

I didn't realize we'd lost our Open Primary system. I KNOW I had it here somewhere...

Guess we need to bring EWE back to fix it.