Tuesday, December 09, 2008

When did we vote for the "leaders" of our skin-color "communities"?

Monday, I heard a WWL radio reporter say (with no audible laughter) that our new congressman, Joseph Cao, will be "reaching out" to leaders of the "African-American, Caucasian, and Hispanic communities" to let them know that he seeks to be everyone's representative.

First of all, "reaching out" is one of those phrases that provokes only contempt and suspicious questions from me. You know, like "moving forward." If you have to "reach out," it probably means you've been improperly ignoring a person or people whom you probably should have been in contact with anyway.

Second, who exactly would be the "leaders" of, say, the "African-American community" or the "Caucasian community"?

In New Orleans, who exactly is "African-American" or "Caucasian"?

My kids are a mix of everything. With which "community" do they vote?

If someone sees pictures of Mr. Cao's meetings with these "leaders," please let me know.

I'm frightened to see who will be representing the "Caucasian community." And I have a feeling they will be prominent members of clubs that don't look kindly on members of other communities joining.

That doesn't sound representative to me, but it does sound like phony reaching out.

P.S. Mr. Cao, if you want to keep my vote in two years, keep your distance from Steve Scalise.

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