Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disappointment in Washington, DC, Leads to More Thought of Secession in World Class New Orleans

The economic stimulus package that just passed Congress has engendered mostly disappointment in me.

1. The biggest disappointment for me has been the groupthink of the Republican Party and the behavior of my congressman, Joseph Cao. I will discuss below why I am not a fan of the bill that just passed, but it is simply stunning to me that NOT A SINGLE MEMBER of the congressional GOP was able to vote for it. Not a single member. So much for the Republican Party being a "big tent." It's a Big Tent of Zombies, as far as I'm concerned, until they prove otherwise. I'm not a registered Democrat, but the GOP is going to make me become one.

2. The Times-Picayune told me really all I need to know about our new congressman. Earlier this week, Congressman Cao told us he would vote his conscience and probably vote for the bill. Then he voted against it, completing the GOP "Big Tent of Zombies" sweep of no's. From today's paper, we hear the following from Republican Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia:

"Mr. Cao is a terrific representative and voice for the people that elected him. I think he understands that even in a district as challenged in terms of the economy as his, that was devastated by the hurricanes, by Katrina, even in his district that polls indicate that 55 percent of people are against this bill."
So it turns out that Mr. Cao's "conscience" is determined by 55 percent of the voters in his district. Thanks, Mr. Cao, for voting against the bill after voting for it (with your public words). I hope you go the way of John Kerry.

I don't necessarily believe that 55 percent number anyway. More importantly, Mr. Cao has lost my vote in two years with this kind of indecision, weakness, and lack of independence. He can win it back, but it will take work. And a sustained display of manly virtue.

3. The stimulus package shows why this republic is in trouble. The congressional Democrats acted like bad stereotypes, as did the Republicans. President Obama seems to have just gone along in order to get a win.

We need more than a win. We need real change. This ain't it. That's why the bill doesn't excite me. $787 billion of meh.

4. Furthermore, the Louisiana congressional delegation (the whole lot of them) ought to be ashamed of themselves. First, a few facts:

Louisiana makes up 1.38 percent of the U.S. Population
As one state among 50, Louisiana is 2 percent of the U.S.

Now, consider that of the $787 billion total in expected spending, Louisiana is expected to reap approximately .48 percent of the spending in the bill.

Louisiana isn't being represented in the United States Congress. We are being ROLLED OVER, and have been for years. It's wrong. It's just wrong, and the clowns we have there now are just enablers. Clowns indeed. I consider Steve Scalise to be the biggest clown of all, although at least he's not a diapered clown.

5. We provide the nation with oil and seafood and coffee and soul, and we get rolled. I will repeat the need to explore secession. The New Republic of West Florida--this time to include New Orleans, St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, and the Bayou parishes stretching all the way to Beaumont, Texas.


Bill T said...

Kung fu my ass. What we had here was Boehner leading Scalise, and Scalise leading Cao around by the cujones. That is, Cao the one-term wizzard.

saintseester said...

I'm sorry we missed you this weekend, but we did partake of food and soul, and feel replenished to continue the drudgery of life.

Tim said...

I don't understand why everyone is so shocked. We elected a Republican, who received the full backing of the Republican Party. Did we really expect him to go to Washington and act like a liberal? Yes, it's great that we got rid of Dollar Bill, but as long as we limit ourselves to the two big parties we're going to keep getting used and abused as they play us one way and then the next over and over and over.