Sunday, June 07, 2009

Do-ers, Trek, New New Orleans

1. From the NY Times Magazine today:
“How do I say this delicately?” [Senator Max Baucus] asked. “President Bush, he liked being president. You know, there are be-ers, and there are doers. And I think he liked being president, as opposed to doing.” Obama, on the other hand, strikes Baucus as a doer. “You’ve really got to work at it, rather than just enjoying the job,” he said.
Most of us aren't in a position at this point to assess whether President Obama actually is going to be a real do-er--and I think he does in fact like BEING president (Who wouldn't?)--but I take this comment from Senator Baucus as a positive sign.

This comment also leads me to reflect on people I encounter in my professional life. I am often confronted with people whose job is to have and keep his/her job. These people are not interested in doing much, in taking the risks necessary to accomplish great things. Popular mythology would lead you to believe that those sorts work exclusively in government. To the contrary--I see these people all the time in private business and in the supposedly more entrepreneurial world of private or religious education.

Be-ers--that's old New Orleans, old Detroit, millenial New York City. These are the people who show up to work with the number one goal of impressing others with how in tune and smart they are, showing how much they are into "moving forward," and protecting their salary and company car and weekly meetings with those in the know.

Do-ers--that's new New Orleans. These are people who show up to work trying to stir the pot and get things done, willing to say "no" or "I disagree" or "Waitjustaminute," willing to be fired in the cause of trying to push the envelope.

Old New Orleans is still around, protecting turf and overpaying for "smart" people from out of town who help them protect the status quo in subtle ways. Are you listening, Ed Blakely and others of your ilk in key positions around the city? Carpetbaggers, your days are numbered.

2. New New Orleans also includes the likes of Oak Street. Have you been there since the initial round of street repairs? Wow! The T-P quoted a guy in his 80s who said Oak Street has NEVER been this nice. These ARE the good old days.

Check out the new Rock N Bowl, too. Old New Orleans will tell you what a shame it is that it had to move and everything. Baloney. John Blancher has done it right--moved it a few blocks away in Orleans Parish, next to his other business to promote efficiencies of scale. And the new place is great.

3. To answer Tim's question: I love the new "Star Trek." I confess I've seen it three times in the theater. And I enjoyed the third time MORE than the first two times.


angels, saints, and bears oh my said...

Your Back! Haven't seen a post like this in a long time. This also means I don't know what is going on in NOLA. So keep it up please.

Tim said...

Live long and prosper as the makers of the new Trek movie prosper from your continued patronage.

And hey, call me next time you wanna go and I'll meet you there.