Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cash for Clunker Levees

This brief post grows out of a comment my brother (let's call him Mr. Thalia) made to me on Facebook.

Where's the urgency to provide cash for clunker levees and cash for oil-industry-clunkered wetlands?

Now that the T-P has taken the Saints off of the front page and put Army Corps of Engineers news there (thank goodness), we see that it can take 40 years for the ACOE to design and then build something.

So let's think about this. The ACOE is very excited to give us levees that have a 1 percent chance of failing in a given year (e.g. the "100 year protection" we hear about--a misnomer that Tim has warned us about).

Are you willing to go 40 years knowing that in each of those years, there is a 1 percent chance of failure?

I grew up in a country filled with smart, can-do people, people who say "Why not?" We can do this. Let's do 10,000 year (.01 percent failure rate) flood protection.

And let's not take 40 years to do it.


New Orleans Ladder said...

Yay Mr Clio! Frankly, it all started to go south for me when Brees went to Gitmo. Bad angels there.

Poor Tim failed to mention where the NFIP got the data for their 100 year risk estimates.
That's right, the USACE.
Who else or where else?
Perhaps here:
Yep, the very same OPP.
Either way, one man's misnomer is another man's PR.

Thanks youz,

jeffrey said...

Well you know, apparently Cash for Clunkers is "like a mini-Katrina" so you're in the neighborhood analogy-wise, I guess.

Craig said...
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Craig said...

Ok, let's try that again (correctly):