Monday, August 03, 2009

The Times-Picayune and Have Lost a Sense of Proportion

Look, I'm as big of a Saints fan as there is, and perhaps my brother Saints fan Berto will disagree with me, but here goes:

I'm uncomfortable with the over-prominence of Saints coverage in the paper and on

The Sports section (as far as I'm concerned) can be All Saints, All the Time.

But there is way too much prime news real estate being occupied by Saints news in NOLA's primary for-profit news source.

Instead, given how dependent our mere survival is on this, there should be a levees and wetlands story EVERY day. There should be some kind of countdown meter measuring how long until the Army Corps of Engineers gets us 100-year protection (which the Dutch roll their eyes at and is sufficient, I believe, for farmland and cattle). There should be a running blog on how little the Obama administration has done to lead a real recovery in New Orleans. And so on.

The Saints stuff is just a bit much.

On the front page and home page, that is.

On the Sports page, I'm all about the Black and Gold, BAYBEE!


LatinTeacher said...

Well, there was a story about how traffic is going to suck for a bit while they BEGIN hauling in materials. It's only been 4 years. Why wasn't this started 3 and a half years ago?

Berto said...

Wait, that front is NOT the sports page?

Ashton Phelps said...

Bread and circuses.

Angus said...

So, where can I start writing again?

Kevin M. Kolb said...

That's what is selling newspapers these days. If you want other stuff.... turn the page. -or use the Interwebs.

Go Saints! Lemme know if Drew Brees gets a hangnail.

Clay said...

Honestly, I NEVER read the sports reporting by the Times-Picayune. Every morning, the sports section lies unopened. It just flat out sucks. WWL/ESPN/Deadspin give me all I'll ever need.

jeffrey said...

Jeff Duncan does a good job. Makes the T-P worth a look.

dillyberto said...


You posted this article and minimal coverage on the front page.


you bastard!!

dillyberto said...

okay i take it back


I will run a circle lap around Wendy's nekkid to make up for it.