Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dave Dixon: World Class New Orleans Visionary

In the 1960s and 70s, New Orleans and Louisiana took a risk by investing in the Louisiana Superdome. There was strong and principled opposition to the project. I have no doubt that there was corruption somewhere in the process of construction.

In the end, though, the result was a world class building with staying power. Poydras Street and a whole section of downtown were transformed. Dave Dixon and others got all of this started.

I bring this up today, because now we learn that the Pontiac Silverdome, built AFTER the Louisiana Superdome, has been auctioned off for $583,000--less than the cost of many homes in greater New Orleans.

I am thankful for the visionaries of New Orleans who built a great facility--soon to be renovated further for yet another new life--in downtown New Orleans, and not in the suburbs (as Detroit's not-so-visionaries did). One of the real assets here is that the Dome is walking (or biking!) distance to and from so much of what we consider the core of our city and region.

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