Monday, November 23, 2009

Join my campaign this week: They Aren't the Patriots

No, the New England football squad are either "the Pats" or "the Past."

When I think of the Pats, I think of old times.

Pats starring a quarterback named Grogan.

Pats getting beat down in the Louisiana Superdome.

Past indeed.

When I think of Our New Orleans Saints, I think of the present and future.

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Peter Falconer said...

They will be the past come next Tuesday morning. I remember Grogan and was it Eason in Super Bowl XX?

We take care of Welker and we have a great chance. He is the jam in their doughnut, the salami on their pastrami, the glue in their gleu gun... in short he is our nemisis come Monday and I want him taken out.

Have a good week Mr Clio.