Monday, December 28, 2009

Why the Saints Have Lost Two Straight Games, Part I

Okay, so I confess. The loss to the Cowboys was my fault. I was in a hurry, and for the first time this season I did not pull my bike into Fat Harry's for a quick dirty martini. Of course, the loss ensued. My bad.

However, this week, I redressed that issue. I got a dirty at Fat's (hmmm, although it was in a go-cup. Maybe I should have gone with a proper glass). In any case, with this variable eliminated, the main reason for the loss is clear today.

At approximately 11:15 a.m., while Berto and I were giving the "first down, Saints" sign to cars at Tivoli Circle, we spied and waved to Jeffrey and Menckles whizzing around the Circle in their swanky automobile.

Now, as far as I know, Jeffrey and Menckles are usually streetcar riders. I believe this to be an important ingredient in Saints' wins.

So there it is: Reason #1 for the Saints' loss yesterday.


skipper said...

ah, it was the black uniforms...


Daneeta Loretta Jackson said...

While I appreciate you taking the blame for this, it is really Patrick who was responsible. He took the magic hoodie out of the country.