Wednesday, January 20, 2010

General Honore Says What We All Should Have Been Saying

From today's Times-Picayune:
"People have taken us more than once. We should stand up more than anybody else and say, 'We'll take 500, we'll take 1,000.' I'm not hearing that from anybody in Louisiana and last year we evacuated our vulnerable population twice," said Honore, who commanded Joint Task Force Katrina.
This is dead right and so obvious, and I haven't even thought of it once. I've been almost silent about Haiti because I can't get my mind around it and what I can do about it, other than send money. However, if getting people out of there for awhile, or for a lifetime if that is what is best, will help, then General Honore is right. And Louisiana should take the lead.

I would hope Governor Jindal would second this and then actually do something about it.

My second-favorite thing about what General Honore says is that he uses the first person plural--"us" and "we" and "our." During the last evacuation, he was living in Atlanta, and as a career military man he lived all over the world. But at heart he is a Louisiana guy, and now he and Mrs. Honore have moved back home and live in Baton Rouge.


George "Loki" Williams said...

Another nice one from Mr. Cee-Ell-Ten

Shoshannah said...


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