Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On Saturday, Please Save it for the Dome, Your Fave Bar, or Your Living Room

This is an appeal to Saints fans.

Berto, Fleur D Licious, others, and I were troubled by the performance that occurred in the Superdome against the Dallas Cowboys on December 19.

I'm not talking about Our New Orleans Saints' performance that day.

I'm talking about the fans' performance. People seemed quiet--and got quieter still when the Cowboys took an early lead.

By early in the 4th quarter, I actually saw empy seats in the Club level.

The next day, my ears weren't ringing the way the usually are after a big game.

My theory: people were so excited that day and had spent so much time and energy drinking and carousing all day in the streets, that they had little left for the ACTUAL FOOTBALL GAME that was to be played that night. The Saints lost, and perhaps we got what we deserved.

So let's all commit ourselves for this playoff game. Enjoy our beautiful city before the game. Eat, drink, be merry outside. But save plenty of noise and liver capacity for inside the Superdome. Our New Orleans Saints need us at our world class best.

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