Monday, January 18, 2010

Saints vs. Vikes: Snakes. Why Does It Always Have to be Snakes?

Hey, Indiana Jones stared down the snakes.

We've already vanquished the reigning NFC champs.

Now it's time to beat the Nemesis. Remember Daunte Culpeper and Grady Jackson's big flop. Remember 44-10. Remember playing a playoff game in Minneapolis with, like, no running backs. Remember last year, when we wasted Reggie's two beautiful punt return TDs.

This is our time. This is OUR time.


saintseester said...

Being that I am not in New Orleans, I was forced to watch the last game on TV. Guys, ya'll were SO loud, the FOX announcers could not make themselves be heard. It was AWESOME.

Keep it up. I want so badly to be there on Sunday, but we just cannot swing it. Nevermind the cost, I can't take the kids out of school on two mondays this year. I'm saving it for the ONE in February.

saintseester said...

And, the last time we were in this position, Ashley was still with us. I'm feeling a little blue.

jeffrey said...

I remember! I was 13. As far as I'm concerned 1987 was the greatest football season ever and always will be. I don't know how my Dad managed to swing the four tickets to that historic wild card game but we were there. Very vivid memories. Being on the other end of the same kind of rout helped Saturday but this.... this is what I've been waiting for for a long long time. Let them come. It's time to do this thing.