Friday, January 29, 2010

Symptoms I've Displayed Since the Saints Advanced to the Super Bowl

1. Intermittent crying and teary eyes (though this has diminished since Tuesday, January 26, which was two days after the precipitating event)
2. Intermittent beaming smiles
3. Intermittent giggling
4. General euphoria

Those have been aspects of my basic emotional response.

Rationally, however, my take has been this (and I'm sticking firmly to this line):

We belong here. This football team deserves this (and this success in the end is all about the football players and coaches, as Grandmaster Wang so rightfully and righteously points out). They have worked hard--this year and three years prior. They are talented. They are smart. Many of them, especially the player leadership, seem very committed to the good of New Orleans.

In sum, although this is a new experience for us and me based on history, I should not be shocked that we are here. Again, we belong here.

Let's get used to this. Let's not settle for less than first place. Let's not settle for less than world class.

We settled for allegedly Category 3 levee protection, levees that were horribly designed and built. Look at what that got us.

We settled for Edwin Edwards, who was effective but corrupt. Look what that got us.

We settled for Ray Nagin, who made the right businessman noises but was untested and (ultimately) unstable. Look what that got us.

We settled for lower-cost, slab-on-grade housing in New Orleans East (a wetland) and elsewhere, and look what that got us.

We settled for abandoning and ignoring the public schools, and many sent their kids to private and Catholic schools with "good enough" reputations. Look what that got us.

I've said this before: I love the Saints. I love Saints' fans even more.

But if we enjoy the football and the parties, and then go back to doing things the way we've always done them, it's all just bread and circuses.

I've been hearing "This is not your father's Saints." Thank goodness.

I want to start hearing "This is not your father's New Orleans."


Mitch said...

That'll take a mayor and a good council

Hey, whaddya tink?

Let's VOTE!

Mr. Perry said...


Shouldn't the Mayor sound educated? Well versed in public speaking, motivation, and team leadership techniques?

and look good in a black hat, jacket, and sash?

ALM said...

Agreed--although unlike your other commenters, I'm not running for mayor. Where do we start?

And ditto on the intermittent crying.