Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Mitch

Four years ago, you ran a Mom-and-apple-pie, just-trust-me-I'm-competent-and-sane campaign against Ray Nagin, Mayor Curly.

And you lost. I'm still a little mad at you for that, because the last four years have been awful politically--four squandered years.

This year, you ran a Mom-and-apple-pit, just-trust-me-I'm-competent-and-sane campaign against a bunch of minor candidates.

And you won big. Historically big.

I ask you this: Please don't BE mayor in the same way you ran for mayor. This city needs major re-engineering. We don't need a mayor who just tries to tinker with what is there. A competent guy running this system will get us nowhere. If you do that, you will be eaten alive, and the city will continued to be mired in a mess, artificially sustained by massive federal aid dollars. We will slouch on, wearing our black and gold clothes but knowing we could do better.

If the latter happens, then the Saints' Super Bowl win is nothing more than bread and circuses.

Please, get some advisers who are more creative than you are, who have a little more of a crazy spark than you do. I admire your competence and your love for this city. Please make a team who will take radical steps to lead us to greatness. Do something about all the vacant buildings downtown (tear some of them down). Do something about New Orleans East, a low-lying former wetland with miles of slab-on-grade housing, filled with people who really care about this city and who want to make a life here. Do something about NORD; make it world class again.

Do it.

Mr. Clio

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Angels, Saints and Bears Oh My said...

Send this to him and sign it with your location and credentials so that he know where to find you when he decides he needs an adviser or two with a "crazy spark." Just saying.