Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why New Orleans is the Perfect Place to Run

1. It's beautiful.

2. It's temperate.

3. It's visually complex.

4. It's flat.

5. When you run up Camp Street toward downtown the day after the Irish Channel Parade, you find this (and you leave behind lots more on the street):

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Clio - As a new resident to the Irish Channel, and a nascent runner, I can’t agree more – NOLA is a running (and walking, and cycling) paradise. I have been living/running in the northeastern US and am very happy to be transplanted south of Magazine in uptown. Outside of the irregular sidewalks, which also add to the charm of the city, I can think of no place better to put a few miles under foot.

I may just put my shoes on and cruise Annunciation and take in the beauty of entropy that makes the town so great. . . .or, I may head to the levee to see some nature. . . .or, better yet, run through the neighborhoods to Audubon Park for nature and coed watching!

Thanks for the post – and Happy Running!