Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nagin and the Times-Pic

This blog has often referred to Ray Nagin as Mayor Curly, because he's always been more of a clown and stooge than a leader.

Now he's got a book that continues to prove that point.

However, the Times-Picayune is helping itself or the cause of justice and reform by piling on at this point. For days and weeks, it's been publishing articles whose purpose is clearly to ridicule the guy.

There's no need to do that at this point. He does it all by himself. The clumsy, ham-fisted way that Ashton Phelps's mouthpiece is doing this only encourages Nagin and his friends in their belief that Nagin is not the problem; it's the White Power Establishment that is.

Cheesh, Times-Pic: just let the guy screw up on his own. Report the facts. Nothing else needed.